Vlog (English)

People keep asking me ”why my blog is only in Chinese?”

Here is my answer.

I’m doing blog around 8 years ago, that time I don’t even speak English.

”why now?”

I’m a photographer, therefore videography is totally anther level of blogging, but I realized Chinese for Blog, English for Vlog will be perfect, after nearly a year researching people Vlog & YouTube, consequently after practicing my videography skills, and here we go I’m doing it.

Think about the time youtube just come out, no one will believe become a YouTuber can be a real job, some of YouTubers even become a millionaire, anywhere I’m not dreaming become a millionaire, for this reason, doing vlog come to my mind, because I enjoy travel, foods, photography, videos, why not doing this, so I can earn some extra income to advocate me.


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